AppMani 2016

Concept Design  |  Front-end Development  |  Illustrations  | Responsive Web Design

Project BrieF 
AppMani is a child company part of New Zealand Computing Solutions (NZCS). It focuses on offering bespoke software and web application design and development services. NZCS is a company well known for its technical IT services and networking, therefore AppMani, as a brand, aims to convey the proper image and information to the clients of their new services.
“Heroic Software Development” is the tagline of AppMani. The company wanted to show its audience that they are cool and rock at what they do. To work with this concept, graphics that featured superheroes keeping watch in the city were used throughout the pages of the site.
Roles and Responsibilities 
Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Character Illustrations, Front-end Development
From Art Direction that dealt with design concepts, branding, character illustrations, I also worked on the front-end code (HTML, CSS, JS) for AppMani. The design had to be responsive and checked in multiple devices (desktop, tablet, and phones) and web browsers for compatibility and consistency. 
Additionally, I had to collaborate with a developer to ensure the design standards are met during the conversion of the HTML markups to a WordPress theme.
Tools and Technologies 
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and WordPress
Before and After 
Before the project was assigned to me, a previous design mock-up was already proposed by another designer. Overall the design looked neat, but it did not connect to the mission of AppMani. A new design was proposed to represent the goals of AppMani and how they wanted to appear to their clients.

Animations were implemented by using jQuery and CSS codes for a more engaging and active website—this created the subtle movement effects of the vector illustrations of the clouds and heroes.
 Character illustration 
Each AppMani staff member had their own illustrated avatar to be featured on the team page. 
 Page Designs 
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