About Charlotte

👋 I'm Charlotte Mae Efren , a Senior Product Designer with over 15 years under my belt, and I'm deeply immersed in the vibrant intersection of design and technology. My driving force? An insatiable hunger for knowledge and a never-ending quest for the latest design and tech trends—what works, and what doesn't?
🏫 I have  two master's degrees : one in Information Systems and the other in Design . These dual degrees give me a unique blend of tech-savviness and creative flair, making me your ideal partner for design, no matter the challenge.
🏢 At present, I'm channeling my expertise into SiteMinder , the leading player in the ever-evolving hospitality and hotel technology landscape. My journey has been profoundly influenced by pivotal roles in major Philippine startups, notably at PayMongo First Circle , and Jiph . These experiences have not only honed my skills but have also deepened my understanding of the intricate world of financial technology .
🔍 In the past, I had the privilege of serving as the Research Lead at UXPH (User Experience Philippines), co-leading the publication of the State of UX in the Philippines in 2021 , a project that continues to underscore my commitment to advancing the field of user experience.
🗣️ Beyond my professional commitments, I dedicate my spare time to public speaking and nurturing the growth of emerging UX professionals and students, both at Enderun Colleges and within the ADPList community , by providing mentorship.